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Scarbat 1.5

Ideal beach cleaner for Sargassum in narrow and long beaches 

The Scarbat method allows a proper cleaning of a beach by removing sargassum and seaweed in a quick and efficient way, thereby leaving the beach clean and perfect for a recreational and touristic use. The Scarbat machines have a special system, which allows to remove sargassum and get the sand back to the beach.

This method combines three processes at the same time.

  • First, sargassum is loaded and shaken at a changing speed in order to remove from the beginning a great part of the sand stuck on it. ·
  • Second, a screening through a vibrating mesh is performed in order to get the rest of the sand back to the beach. ·
  • Third, the cleaned sargassum is carried to the rear big hopper

On the other hand, in areas where there is not sargassum, the Scarbat machines can keep on cleaning the beach by applying the traditional sifting and sweeping system, which permits to work at different depths and leave the beach clean and sound. Working width 1.500mm Working depth from 0 to 200mm Loading capacity 1.5 m3 Unloading height On the ground Main Characteristics · 


  • Working width: 1.500 mm
  • External measures: 5.909 long x 1.570 wide x 1.577mm high
  • Transport measures: 20” maritime container
  • Weight: 1.750 Kg
  • Traction vehicle: 4x4 - 60HP tractor minimum
  • Hydraulic system: powering from tractor
  • Hydraulic connectors with tractor: 2 doubles +1 free return
  • Unloading height: at 1,03m
  • Cleaning depth: from 0 to 200 mm
  • Hopper capacity: 1,5 m3
  • Change of the turning direction of the pick up
  • Regulation of the collector speed of sargassum
  • Regulation of the screening speed (in option if the tractor has a flow rate regulator).
  • Chassis type: anticorrosive treatment /galvanisation
  • Surface painting: polyvinyl chloride in double layer
  • Unloading device : hydraulic
  • Tire type: floating of low pressure, 13.0-55
  • Vibrating rollers : 3
  • Hook: Special to take turns easier
  • Turning radius are shorter than 4m



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