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Who we are

Unicorn beach cleaning machines enjoy an excellent reputation on the international market thanks to their efficiency in daily operations. They guarantee optimum sand cleaning and offer the peace of mind that comes from leaving the beach free from sharp or hazardous objects that might endanger the health of visitors. The current models are the result of more than 35 years’ experience by the company’s technicians in clearing and cleaning sand on beaches in the most diverse locations in the world. The success of Unicorn machines is due to their exceptional efficiency. They have been built to withstand the difficult working conditions involved in clearing and cleaning beach sand. The machines boast well-structured, reinforced chassis. All the moving elements are of top quality to guarantee a long working life for the machine and, in addition, avoid as far as possible the breakdowns caused by the significant wear involved in constantly sifting sand.

International Leaders in beach cleaning

Designed on the people who use and manage tractors.
Uniting all knowledge of Spanish tradition on the subject of care and cleaning of tourist beaches.

The six meter length of the sieve mesh, the three vibrating roller and double slope angle poor surface; provide the best sand screening machines over other competitors.

Operators experts responsible for Fabicacion care with special care every detail of the production process.
Using the best materials and modern manufacturing techniques; for excellent final quality.
Each machine is manufactured limpliaplayas individualized and can be tailored to each client, based on the basic model

Application of digital design techniques and combining curved lines in the external form with internal chassis greatly strengthened and modern and different colors.
Aesthetic form inspired by the ocean waves and dunes of the beach.

The hydraulic flow controller - unique and exclusive Unicorn - allows perfect control of the speed and the direction in which the conveyor mesh and pick-up front work,
This system and regulation from the tractor accommodate depth control ensures that the machine can remove all waste and work in both wet and dry surfaces.

The machines with fixed pick-up are stronger and more resistant to failures that machines with pick-up mobile.
This Pick-up "fixed two-way" type, able to work in both directions of rotation, performs the same function as a pick-up mobile,
The Pick-up in fixed position always has better durability and strength; This allows significant savings in maintenance costs. The pick-up phones pose a greater risk to breakdowns and problems of breaking the system.

The machines are designed so that maintenance work can be done quickly and easily.
Routine maintenance is short in time for the operator and economical for the customer.

The customer experience ensures that the average life of these machines exceed fifteen seasons continued use.
Therefore the machines allow the customer to obtain a high return on investment.

These machines use standard spare parts in 95% of cases. Therefore, the customer is free to purchase these parts and can be found in specialized local suppliers.

Double angle of the slope surface of the mesh.
Passive safety system against human error at the time of discharge.
Possibility of four systems of smoothing the surface of the beach.
Choosing capacity rear cargo volume hopper.
Efficient hydraulic system oil tank flow, high capacity cooling radiator hydraulic motor that uses the same oil.
Exclusive control system mesh and pick-up