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DROMEDAR Ozone Beach Cleaner


It is a quick and efficient treatment against all types of microorganisms (virus, bacteria and fungi).

It is environmentally friendly and it neither affects coastal fauna nor flora.

It is an automatic treatment that does not require any workforce.

It does not need any replenishment, since it is fuelled just by air, water and electricity.

Maintenance and electric consumption 

Sifting with Ozone 

A combined action of disinfection and sifting for safe and healthy beaches 

The units UNICORN Dromedar 1.9 / 2.5 are big sized machines that cover large surfaces and guarantee a perfect cleaning. According to the surface extension, we can choose between the UNICORN Dromedar 1.9 version or the Dromedar 2.5 version, thereby respectively obtaining a cleaning width of 1.9m or 2.5m.


The Dromedar allows to combine at the same time the ozone action of disinfection with the sand sifting. They can be adjusted to pick up seaweed / sargassum or to remove urban waste, such as pieces of metal, glass, plastics, etc. This combination gives the UNICORN Dromedar 1.9/2.5 an outstanding versatility, thus it can clean according to the beach conditions and user aims. 

Cleaning process of the beach with Ozone 

For a perfect removal of virus, bacteria and fungi, the ozonized water is poured on the sand just after the sifting process. In that moment, this sand is perfectly aired, soft, clean, free from objects and fluffy. Thus, it is ready to get the gentle bathing of ozonized water that is poured on it through the sprinklers.

The amount of poured ozonized water is manual controlled by means of the flux controllers placed in the sprinklers and the power of the electric pump. 

The frontal part of the UNICORN Dromedar is one of the more complete and improved systems available in the market. The frontal roller can be adjusted to sift both seaweed /sargassum and urban waste. In the case of sargassum, it is firstly projected to a frontal metal plate, before being sifted in the mesh.

The sprinklers with ozonated water participate in the process just afterwards, in order to ozone the sand once it has been sifted.


>> DROMEDAR English Version <<


  • Working width: 2.500mm
  • Working depth: 250mm
  • Loading capacity: 2.5m³
  • Unloading height: 2.5m
  • External measures: 6.550mm (L)  -  2.515mm (A)  -  2.020mm (H)
  • Weight: 3270kg
  • Rear hopper : 500l
  • Tractor type: 4x4 de 80-100CV

Características técnicas DROMEDAR 1.9 - Playas limpias y sanas

  • Working width: 1.900mm
  • Working depth: 250mm
  • Loading capacity: 2.5m³
  • Unloading height: 2.5m
  • External measures: 6.550mm (L)  -  2.250mm (A)  -  2.020mm (H)
  • Weight: 2980kg
  • Rear hopper: 500l
  • Tractor type: 4x4 de 80-100CV

Dromedar 1.5 

The DROMEDAR 1.5 is a medium sized unit that is ideal for hotel professionals, campsites and beach clubs that want to clean and disinfect a beach or parts of it that are placed next to their facilities. It is a quick and maneuverable unit, which can be towed by a 60-70HP tractor.

As the rest of the UNICORN Dromedar units, it combines the sifting process with the disinfection, leaving the sand clean, fluffy and healthy, free from dangerous microorganisms that can harm the health of tourists and visitors.

It includes a smoothing bar to ensure a beautiful and attractive finishing of the beach, once the sand has been sanitized by the machine.

Its towing bar allows a high maneuverability, making the machine able to turn 180º with a radius less than four meters. Its chassis is reinforced to withstand harsh environmental conditions. 

  • Working width: 1.500mm
  • Working depth: 180mm
  • Loading capacity: 1.5m³
  • Unloading height: 1m
  • External measures: 5.909mm (L)  -  1.570mm (A)  -  1.577mm (H)
  • Weight: 1.750kg
  • Rear hopper: 250l
  • Tractor type: 4x4 de 60-70CV

The Ozone-Beachcleaners DROMEDAR  

The OZONE-Beachcleaners of UNICORN Dromedar cover all the needs of any beach or sandy area. The user can choose any of the three models depending on the beach characteristics.

All three models have a system composed of a container, an electric pump, a regulator, a manometer and a diffusion bar with many sprinklers in order to easily cover the sifted zone and pour the ozonized water just after the sifitng. 


>> DROMEDAR English Version <<



Ozone (O3) is a state of oxygen (O2) and it is characterized by its high reactivity and oxidation potential. It removes any microorganism, renews and purifies the environment and it brings hygienic and controlled environments and liquids. After its reaction, the ozone turns back into oxygen.

Ozone oxidizes all the proteins that constitute the covering of any microorganism and modifies its tridimensional structure. As a result, the virus can not get into any cell and it dies.

We offer all the required equipment, such as basic ozone generators, ozone units fuelled by oxygen, units that are adjustable according to production or ozone units mounted on metal plate and with all the hydraulic accessories. 

Respectful and ecological: 

Solved into water, ozone is harmless. Because of its oxidant potential, it is used worldwide for clearance and disinfection treatments. It is also recognized as a disinfectant for water purification. 

Disinfection action  

Ozone stands out for being a quick and efficient microbicide that destroys bacteria, virus, fungi and spores. It also offers suitable solutions for environmental problems of disinfection and smells. 


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