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Sandbunker Sifter

Ideal for keeping the bunkers of golf courses clean and tidy.


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The Unicorn Troyer is the perfect machine for high-quality, precision cleaning of golf course bunkers, leaving them clean, hygienic and free from waste and litter.

This is a self-drive machine which is flexible, robust and easy to handle.

Like all the Unicorn products marketed by Beach Trotters, it guarantees the removal of waste from the sand, leaving it clean and hygienic.

The result is:

The removal of all kinds of waste, from small objects to minute litter such as cigarette butts, bottle caps, ring-pulls from cans, broken glass, etc.

In-depth cleaning and sieving of the sand to remove any clumps of sand.

Collection of small stones and sieving of the sand with a grammage of above 3 mm.

Smoothes the sand, leaving it with a visibly “ironed” appearance and ready for players.

The Unicorn Troyer is the ideal machine for golf clubs interested in keeping their golf courses impeccable.

Traction vehicle: Traction vehicle Self-propelled
Recommended power: Power Honda 5.5 CV engine
Operating width: 750 mm.
Operating depth: 0 - 100 mm.
Hopper capacity: 25 l.
Unloading height: Unloading height Manual from container
Weight: 215 Kg.
Chassis pain: Protective PVC
Type of Chassis: Hot-galvanized
Type of drive: Own Honda engine

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