Beach Cleaners Machines Unicorn

Beachcleaners Musketeer

Ideal for cleaning and oxygenating the sand in places with difficult access.


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The Unicorn Musketeer is a medium-sized self-drive machine with a Honda 5.5 HP engine. This power is what drives the machine and activates the sieving mechanism.

It consists of a sieve that vibrates powerfully which allows the sand to be separated from any waste in it, which is then deposited in a small hopper on the back.

The machine is equipped with low pressure tyres to provide enhanced stability, even when working on slopes.

Like all the Unicorn products marketed by Beach Trotters, it guarantees the removal of all waste and moisture from the sand, leaving it clean and hygienic.

The result is:

  • Removal of all kinds of waste, from large objects to the smallest litter such as: cigarette butts, bottle caps, ring-pulls of cans, glass particles, etc.
  • In-depth cleaning of the sand and the removal of clumps of sand through the sieving system, aerating the sand and destroying practically all the bacteria that cause skin and mucous infections.
  • Collection of small stones and pebbles.
  • A smooth beach with fluffy sand, ready for visitors to enjoy.

The waste is collected and deposited in a 20-litre capacity hopper, which is then emptied manually.

Operating width: 900 mm
External dimensions: 1.100 x 2.600 x 900
Weight: 280 Kg
Towing vehicle: Self-drive
Unloading: Manually
Performance: 1,400 m2 per hour
Operating depth: 120 mm.
Towing power: Honda 5.5 HP engine
Hopper capacity: 22 Litres
Unloading: Manually


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