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Beach Cleaner Thronos 1.0

The UNICORN Thronos 1.0 is a practical solution to clean a large variety of waste on small sized beaches and sandy areas where good manoeuvrability is needed. The machine driver does it while comfortably seated on it.


  • Working width: 1.050 mm
  • Working depth: from 0 to 100 mm
  • External measures: 2.300 x 1.050 mm x 1.300 mm high
  • Tare: 500 kg
  • Rear hopper capacity: 30 l
  • Working capacity: 6.000 m2/h
  • 3 forwards speeds and one backwards
  • Delivered with two sifts of 5 mm, 10 mm or 15 mm diameter.
  • Its structure is wholly hot galvanized and painted.
  • Easy handling of the sieve, which vibrates vertically.
  • Hydrostatic and automotive machine.
  • Guidance: by means of two joysticks that control speed, direction and working depth.
  • 22 HP Honda engine.


  • Rear rake to rework the sand surface
  • Rear trolley to carry a load.
  • Disinfection system
  • Front scraper to move large debris or level dunes

All the chassis of the UNICORN Thronos 1.0 is galvanized to protect it against oxidation.
The maintanance is quick and very few pieces need to be replaced over time.

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